Pricing Policy and target customers

SVSW pricing policy is clear. They believes in fair market pricing. They do not sell on super normal profits as they are to be competitive in the market. A fixed percentage of profit is added to the cost price of the products before arriving at the selling price. SVSW believes in reasonable pricing with maximising sales. SVSW has a wide netwok of customers throughout Karnataka. They concentrate on Business to business and Business to Consumer module. In Business to Business module, they cater to mostly resellers and suppliers and when it is Business to Consumers, it is basically the end consumers like the industries and common people who are constructing buildings and residences. SVSW boasts of having more than 600 customers in their customer list.


Current Market Position

SVSW is the only firm with such a wide range of product line and product mix with good inventory in Karnataka. SVSW is a market leader in their segment of trade and can be listed as one among the top five such traders in Karnataka.


Expansion Policy of the Business

Currently SVSW operates from Bangalore Urban to all parts of the state. They wish to expand their business to other states in the coming months. This is possible only because of the new GST tax regime which has made business possible across the existing boundaries. SVSW has planned for a systematic and well structure expansion policy which will be implemented in the next few months.